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Alfa-Romeo P2 Tinplate Toy by CIJ, 1930s

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Alfa-Romeo: one of the finest preserved examples we have ever laid eyes on – a 2nd edition Alfa-Romeo P2 tinplate toy by CIJ (Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet) in all-original ‘Grass Green’ colour. With treaded tyres, all filler-caps present and in completely ‘un-played-with’ condition. French, circa 1930s.

Length: 22 inches (56 cm).

French toy-maker CIJ, established by Marcel Gourdet in 1928, supplied carmakers, Citroën and Renault among them, with miniature models. The P2 was produced between 1924-1939 in response to the competition success of Vittorio Jano’s design, one of the most successful Grand Prix racing cars ever.

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