Pullman Gallery

‘Octane’, January 2012

The Pullman Gallery’s advertisement in January’s issue of Octane Magazine. Featured items include:

Ref 1248: Mercedes-Benz Type W196 ‘Streamliner’, 1955
Ref 5195: ‘1924 Grand Prix of Europe at Lyons’ by Dexter Brown
Ref 4883: Alfa Romeo P2 Tinplate Toys by CIJ, c. 1925
Ref 5248: Col. R.J. Hoare’s Ferrari trophy, 1952
Ref 5253: Pullman Express – Cote d’Azur, 1929
Ref 5068: Maison Desny cocktail set, c. 1928
Ref 5226: ‘1937 Mercedes-Benz W125’ by John Elwell

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