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Pullman Editions opening, October 2010

Pullman Editions present stylish posters at accessible prices.

Simon Khachadourian has recently established Pullman Editions Ltd, with his wife Georgina, which she operates from 94 Pimlico Road in Chelsea.

As collectors of vintage posters will be aware, prices for the finest and rarest pieces have risen dramatically in recent years, both at galleries and at auction. The Winter Sports category in particular has seen especially strong prices for the most sought-after pre-1940 Swiss and French resort posters – a simple function of increasing demand for a finite, diminishing supply of the best pieces. In short, the really great vintage posters have reached price points where they can no longer be regarded merely as ‘chalet-chic’ items, for decoration only.

In order to meet the demand that exists for stylish, decorative posters at more accessible prices, Simon conceived the idea of Pullman Editions Ltd, a newly-formed sister company to Pullman Gallery Ltd, which designs, commissions, publishes and sells limited-edition ranges of Art Deco-inspired posters. These are our own exclusive designs, executed by our house artists Charles Avalon, Dexter Brown and Katrine Köhli – they are not reproductions of vintage posters.

Our posters are created using traditional lithographic printing techniques, on fine-quality, pure cotton art paper, in editions of 280. Each is around 40 x 25 inches (100 x 65 cms), the same sort of scale as the great posters of the 1920s and 1930s. Our inaugural collection of 24 original and exclusive posters, entitled ‘ART DECO IN THE ALPS’, is now available online at www.pullmaneditions.com, and from our gallery at 94 Pimlico Road, Chelsea, at the special launch price of £395 each (unframed).

We look forward to welcoming you to Pullman Editions very soon.

Pullman Editions Ltd
94 Pimlico Road
London SW1W 8PL

Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 0547
Mobile: + 44(0)7834 562470

Email: georgina@pullmaneditions.com
Website: www.pullmaneditions.com

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