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J. A Henckels ‘Zeppelin’ & ‘Zeppelin Airplane’ bar sets, 1920

Reference: 6886, 5511, 6885, 2004, 5442

Illustrated here are J. A. Henckels’ Zeppelin and Zeppelin Airplane design cocktail sets, in all of the sizes that Henckels produced in the late 1920s. These travelling bars, designed in an era where the popularity of air travel crossed into other disciplines of art and design, can still be regarded as one of the most collectable novelty cocktail shakers from the period.

The Zeppelin design exists in three sizes, the 9-inch, 12-inch and (the singular) ‘Exhibition’ size 18-inch, and all contained internal hipflasks, cups, spoons, funnel, olive or nut box and a strainer with cover, which attached to the main body to convert it into the cocktail shaker. The later, updated Zeppelin Airplane design also featured two ‘wings’ which functioned as removable hipflasks.

In the early 1930s, Henckels also produced a ‘Smoker’s Companion’ variant to the Zeppelin Airplane. Made in extremely limited numbers, and only in the small, 9 inch wingspan, the design included a cigar receptacle in the fuselage, a pair of removable cigarette cases in the wings and a set of four ashtrays housed in the cockpit behind a match safe with cover and striker. A charming final touch is provided by the propeller which is sprung and served as a cigar cutter!

For additional images of individual sets, please contact us quoting the following reference numbers:

(In image, from far left)

The unique 18 inch ‘Exhibition’ Zeppelin Airplane SOLD

The 12 inch wingspan Zeppelin Airplane REF: 5511

The 9 inch Zeppelin Airplane SOLD

The ‘Smokers Companion’ REF: 6885

The 9 inch Zeppelin (with leather case) REF: 2004

The 12 inch Zeppelin REF: 5442

The unique 18 inch ‘Exhibition’ Zeppelin SOLD

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