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‘Trench Art’

Reference: 5995/6006/5939

(Left) a finely detailed, all-brass ‘Trench Art’ model of a Vickers machine gun, set on a wheeled carriage with uniform buttons as the wheel hubs and mounted on a brass topped, swept oak plinth. To the front of the model a plaque with an applied sweetheart brooch of the Machine Gun Corps and stamped ‘1915 1916 MACHINE GUN CORPS FRANCE LT R.SAMUELS. A.’flanked by two .303 shells. The model, with two water cans mounted to the front, and two ammunition boxes to the rear is complete with a toolbox containing a full complement of miniature tools, including sledgehammer, ball-pein hammer, crowbar, shovel and spanner, and has an applied MGC badge to the lid.

Length overall: 20 inches (51 cms).

Price Code: SOLD

Trench Warfare: (centre) a stylised ‘Trench Art’ model of a 1915 Maxim light machine gun, finely detailed with a carved wooden stock, drum magazine and bipod for stationary firing. Set on an oak plinth with barbed wire and stick grenade detailing. Length overall: 12 inches (30 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

Goldsmith’s and Silversmith’s Company: (main image and left detail) a fine and unusual Sterling silver presentation piece, realistically modelled as a Mills ‘No.5’ grenade, complete with removable safety pin and strike lever bearing the Goldsmith’s and Silversmith’s Company marks and their hallmarks for London, 1941. Mounted on its original ebonised wooden plinth, with vacant Sterling silver cartouche. Height: 4 inches (10 cms).

Price Code: ££££

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