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Toschi Ferrari 500 & Ferrari ‘Movosprint’

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(Top): A particularly fine and original example of the large-scale cast alloy Ferrari Tipo 500/F2 toy made by Toschi. Complete with correct cast wheels with rubber tyres, steering wheel, windscreen, side exhausts and starting handle (usually missing), in original and unrestored condition. Italian, circa 1952.

Length: 21 inches (54 cm)

Never retailed, this rare and desirable toy was commissioned to commemorate the first-ever World Championship victory by Ferrari in 1952 – a feat that was repeated in 1953. Made in very limited quantities by the distillery Toschi of Milan, the cars were designed to run using the power of an elastic-band motor and, when gifted, would have contained a bottle of liqueur inside the chassis. They were presented as gifts to celebrities and racing drivers, including Alberto Ascari and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Price Code: SOLD

(Foreground): a ‘Movosprint 52’ made by Movo of Milan, this sought after, engineered Ferrari 500 F2-type aluminium bodied straight racer comes with a Super Tiger 20 volt gas-powered engine complete with Champion spark plug, with aluminium wheels and spinners with solid rubber tyres, (this model has the scarce thin rubber front tyres). With all-original aero screen and a detailed dashboard fascia. Italian, also circa 1952.

Length overall: 11¾ inches (30 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

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