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Sterling silver Mills ‘No.5’ Grenade and ‘Candlestick Telephone’ Lighters

Reference: 6812, 6792

Goldsmith’s and Silversmith’s Company

(On left) a fine and unusual Sterling silver table lighter, realistically modelled as a Mills ‘No.5’ grenade, complete with removable safety pin and strike lever, and bearing the Goldsmith’s and Silversmith’s Company marks and their hallmarks for London, 1941.

Height: 4 inches (10 cm)

The Mills ‘No.5’ grenade or ‘Mills Bomb’ as it was known colloquially, was introduced in May 1915 and remained the dominant British grenade for the rest of the War. Weighing 20 ounces, the Mills Bomb’s exterior was serrated so that it fragmented upon detonation, which took place 4 seconds after the strike lever ejected and set off the fuse. A revised version, the Mills 36m with a 7 second fuse, was introduced in 1917.

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(Right) a very early Sterling silver novelty table lighter by Hamilton & Co. Ltd of London, modelled as a ‘candlestick’ telephone, with the mouthpiece acting as the wick holder and cover to the fuel reservoir and the earpiece acting as a taper holder, all set on its original ebonized hardwood base. Fully hallmarked London, 1911.

Height: 5 inches (14 cm)

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