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Sterling silver Bridge Set & Playing Card Box by Bulgari, 1970s

Reference: 7033, 7037

Bulgari, Italy

(On left) a very fine Sterling silver playing card box, of cuboid shape with a subtly brushed finish to the exterior. Each of the corners of the box is straddled by an inlaid  ‘Jack’ playing card, in all four suits, each card highlighted in black enamel and surrounded by an inlaid rose gold border. The box has a beautifully engineered, invisible hinge, with a lift up lid with curved, rose-gold thumbpiece. The interior is cedar lined and has two Sterling silver dividers set into the base, cleverly separating up to three decks of playing cards, making them easy to remove.The lip is signed BVLGARI, MADE IN ITALY 950, and bears date marks for 1974.

Height: 4 inches (10 cm)
Width: 3½ inches (9 cm)

Price Code: SOLD

(On right) a similarly fine, matched Sterling silver Bridge compendium, the exterior – on all sides – features inlaid black enamel playing cards, Jack, Queen and King, in each of the four suits all highlighted in black enamel with inlaid rose gold details. The box has a lifting lid with flush, invisible hinge and a plain, cedar lined interior. The components of the set include a Sterling silver box engraved with stylized ‘BRIDGE’ motif, with hinged lid separating two decks of playing cards and four beautifully engineered Sterling silver ‘basketweave’ covers for Bridge score pads of varying sizes, the largest being 4 inches (10 cm) in length. The lip of the main box is stamped BVLGARI, MADE IN ITALY 925. Italian, dated 1974.

Length of box: 8 inches (20 cm)

Price Code: ££££

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