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‘Sky Flash’ missile, 1981

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An actual medium range air-to-air Sky Flash missile, developed by British Aerospace Defence in 1976. A solid propulsion missile, originally equipped with Active Sky Flash warhead, launched from under wing rail pylons, and guided by a Marconi monopulse system.

The Sky Flash was deployed by the Royal Air Force in Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Oman, as well as in the UK, from 1981. The F-4 Phantom, Tornado, F16, Viggen and Hawk 200 – awesome fighters all – provided the platforms for the Aero jet-powered missile, capable of reaching a breathtaking Mach 4.0 over a range of 45km.

Now fully decommissioned, the Sky Flash is mounted on a bespoke – designed display stand.

Length: 3.66m, body diameter: 20 cms, wingspan 1.02 m & launch weight: 193 kg.

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