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Silver Bugatti Type 51, by Theo Fennell

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Theo Fennell, London

An exquisite Sterling silver model of the legendary Bugatti Type 51, one of a limited edition of nine examples made in 1987 by the celebrated English silversmith and jeweller Theo Fennell, complete with opening bonnet (hood) revealing an intricate and accurate model of the 8-cylinder supercharged engine. Set upon its original black slate base, the model has been perfectly restored and hand-polished, and is supplied in bespoke fitted Theo Fennell branded case (not shown). English, hallmarked London, 1987.

Length of base: 11½ inches (29 cm).

Technically advanced, with a twin-ohc supercharged engine, Bugatti’s Type 51 was introduced in 1931 as the evolution of the legendary but ageing Type 35 of the 1920s. It performed well, claiming an early victory in the 1931 French Grand Prix, but as the decade progressed, the many and regular technical advances of the period lead to it becoming outclassed by the Italian and German opposition. About 40 examples were made in total, before the Type 51 was replaced by the Type 59 in 1934.

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