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‘Seven-barreled gun’ by Valentin Muth, 1680s

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Reference: 2480

An extremely rare seven-barrelled wall gun by Valentin Muth of Zerbst, Saxony/Anhalt circa 1680, the seven hexagonal barrels of 13mm, with calibre six-groove rifling and dove tailed iron sights to the top, the underside with screw-mounted trunnions, side-mounted wooden ramrod, the iron flintlock with finely engraved floral design, the ignition channel plate with scale engraving and signed “Valentin Muth Zerbst”. Heavy, well-figured walnut stock with iron furniture, the barrels have been wax-filled for conservation purposes.

Of particular interest is the fact that all seven barrels may be fired simultaneously – one shudders to think of the resultant recoil! The gun rests upon a (later) painted wood carriage, with conforming iron furniture, for display and simple transportation.

Overall length: 46 inches (115 cms).

Additional Notes: this important and unusual seven-barrelled rifled gun is the work of Valentin (or Valtin) Muth, a renowned barrel-and stock-maker who worked in the town of Zerbst in Saxony, where he was active between 1640 and 1682.

Built entirely by hand to an exceptional standard of workmanship, the gun has a remarkably modern appearance in terms of its proportions, especially that of the stock in relation to the barrels, and is far removed aesthetically from what one visualises as a typical mid-17th century rifle. It is quite incredible to think of the stopping power that all seven barrels fired simultaneously would possess… Although understood to be in working order, the gun has not been tested and we would strongly recommend that it is thoroughly checked and verified by an expert gunsmith before attempting to fire it. The gun is sold purely as a decorative, collectable piece and no warranty can be given or implied as to its fitness for purpose.

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