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Set of six Sterling silver Martini ‘glasses’ by Tiffany & Co.

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Reference: 6968

Tiffany & Co.

A set of six classic cocktail ‘glasses’ in Sterling silver, each with a distinctive conical ‘Martini’ bowl and straight stem with a concentric linear detail. The typical martini glass design was first introduced at the 1925 Paris Exhibition, as a Modernist take on the Champagne coupe. However, its versatility became clear in the serving of popular aromatic cocktails, the increased surface area of the bowl and the longer stem meaning the contents of the drink, shaken over ice (but served neat), was not warmed by body heat. Each stem is stamped ‘TIFFANY & CO MAKERS STERLING SILVER 22199 M’.

Height of each: 4½ inches (11½ cm)

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