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‘Sailors’ cocktail set, by Nový Bor, Czechoslovakia, 1940s

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Nový Bor, Czechoslovakia

A hand painted mid-century modern heavy glass cocktail shaker and glasses set featuring a shaker with a gilded cap and strainer and six glasses ensuite, all with a variety of applied hand-painted vignettes of sailors and ladies on an evening out. In complete and unused condition. Czech, circa 1940s.

Height of shaker: 9½ inches (24 cm)
Height of each glass: 3 inches (8 cm)

Nový Bor in North Bohemia, around 100 km north of Prague will be forever associated with the art of glassmaking. From the early 17th century, the town and region were famed for its glass production, primarily due to the rich stocks of wood and quartz in the local area, resources essential for glass making. The first schools in the art of glass appeared in the second half of the 19th century. One founded in 1856 in neighbouring Kamenický Šenov is considered to be the oldest institution of its kind in Europe, and a second, established in Nový Bor in 1870, were considered pioneers in the art and still exist to this day.

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