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Russian Cigar and Cigarette boxes, 1910s

Reference: 1469, 3147, 2082, 2203, 2201 & 2190

Page 10 of Pullman Magazine Issue No: 41

(Top left) Nikolai Kulikov: a fine Imperial Russian silver and silver-gilt cigar box with trompe l’oeil gilded inlay to five sides representing cigar taxation bands, the lid bearing the Impeial Russian double-headed eagle symbol of the Romanov dynasty, the gilded interior, with correct silver marks and maker’s marks for Nikolai Kulikov, Moscow 1896-1904.

Length overall 8 inches (20 cms).

Price Code: ££££

(Top right) A late 19th century Russian silver coloured and silver gilt trompe-l’oeil table cigar box, maker’s marks C.H, 84 zolotniks Moscow 1893, assay master A Svetchin, the hinged box with trompe-l’oeil wood graining and Imperial tax bands, the gilded interior with exhibition stamps and engraved in Russain ‘With the greatest respect to Vasili Vasilichu Urievu-Pekovszu from a faithful VVP22 August 1894, from Poltava’.

Length overall 8 inches (20 cms) & weight 632g.

Price Code: SOLD

(Center left) St. Petersburg, Russia 1901: Pre-Revolutionary Russian silver cigar box, with detailing to front and sides, engraved in cyrillics with the Imperial Russian warrant hallmark ‘R.L.’, and showing taxation bands and woodgrain.

Lenght overall 7 inches (18 cms).

Price Code: £££

(Center right) A good parcel-gilt Imperial Russian silver cigar box, the interior with superbly engraved bright-cut taxation bands on a matt ground, and monogram ‘A.F’ the inside of the lid with facsimile signatures, hallmarked St. Petersburg 1890, makers mark ‘A.C’, Russian 1890.

Length overall 6¼ inches (16 cms).

Price Code: £££

(Bottom left) A good imperial Russian silver trompe l’oeil cigarette box of rectangular form, with engraved taxation bands and Cyrillic inscriptions, the interior lemon-gilded. Hallmarked Moscow 1891-1896.

Length overall 3¼ inches (9 cms).

Price Code: SOLD

(Bottom right) A fine Imperial Russian silver and silver gilt trompe l’oeil cigar box by I.L Profikier 1899-1908, skillfully engraved to simulate woodgraining and taxation bands. Russian c1899-1908.

Length overall 4½ inches (11.5 cms).

Price Code: ££££

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