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Rallye Automobile International à Moscou

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A rare, original poster, promoting The International Automobile Rally to Moscow, planned to take place in August, 1914. Conservation linen mounted and framed within a plain black oak section frame, with an acid-free mount.

Overall size: 57 x 45 inches (145 x 114 cm).

August 1914: the scene was set for the ‘Rallye Automobile International’ to Moscow, with cars and teams starting from various points around Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, including London, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, Stockholm and Odessa.

Their destination was the Kremlin, Moscow. This ambitious event, of course, was fated not to take place, as Germany had declared war on Russia on July 31st with Great Britain and France joining the fray on August 4th.

This rare poster, in excellent condition, documents the last great automobile event of The Golden Age.

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