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‘Pure Swiss Air’

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Charles Avalon

A new element was introduced to the winter sports arena with the advent of piston-engined propeller aircraft. Standards of airworthiness in design and maintenance improved, and high hopes were entertained for the future of ‘air expresses’. Ad Astra Aero, founded in 1919, started the ball rolling in the long history of Swiss civil aviation. Charter and joy-riding operators followed, and the first ‘air hostesses’ in Europe walked down the aisles in Swiss passenger transport aircraft. By the late 1930s, the all-metal fuselage of the Douglas DC-3 was a familiar sight above the slopes.

Designed by our sister gallery and painted by leading artists, these striking, original artworks have been commissioned for the famous limited-edition posters produced by Pullman Editions since 2010.

These newly commissioned poster artworks feature glamorous destinations around the world, ski resorts in the European Alps, as well as the world’s greatest historic automobiles on the road and track. Each artwork portrays the essence of glamour from a bygone era, in the timeless Art Deco style.

Painted in gouache on art board, the artworks are supplied mounted and unframed.

Artwork size: 30 x 20½ inches (76 x 52 cm)

Please note that these unique, one-off artworks are sold strictly without Copyright.

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