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‘Penthesilia’ by Bouraine, c. 1925

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‘Penthesilia, Queen of the Amazons’, a cire perdue bronze Art Deco statue by distinguished French sculptor Marcel Bouraine (French, 1886-1948), cast circa 1925 by the venerable Susse Frérès Fondeurs, Paris, signed BOURAINE in the bronze.

Length overall: 32 inches (82 cms).

Penthesilia, beautiful grand-daughter of Zeus, killed her sister Hippolyte by misadventure. The Queen of the Amazons, grief-stricken, sought her own death in the decade-long Trojan War and, according to myth, was slain by Achilles. In turn, the Greek hero, inconsolable at her death, was murdered by Paris.

The creations of Marcel Bouraine, widely admired for his bas-reliefs, are the embodiment of high Art Deco style and, ever in demand, are increasingly monopolising the attention of serious-minded collectors.

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