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Original Mille Miglia event poster, 1940

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Reference: 6459

Reale Automobile Circolo d’Italia – 1. G.P Brescia Delle Mille Miglia, 28 Aprile 1940.

Original, text-only poster for the 1940 event. Conservation mounted, framed to edge in a plain black oak section frame and glazed with UV Plexiglas.

Framed size: 30 inches (76 cm) x 22 inches (56 cm).

The ‘Gran Premio de Brescia’ or Mille Miglia (thousand miles) as its better known is an event run on a triangular course with Brescia, Mantua and Cremona located at each corner. The race consisted of nine laps over the 104 mile circuit. Suspended for a year by Mussolini following an accident at the 1938 event which resulted in the death of 10 spectators, the 1940 event, won by Huschke von Hanstein and Bäumer’s BMW 328 berlinetta Touring, had 88 starters but only 33 finishers.

This poster announcing and hailing the resumed event, is loosely translated from the Italian, as ‘Comrades, the Mille Miglia is presented in its eighteenth year in a new format but with all the attractions of the past event. Mantua, proud of its sporting history and success, from the Belfiore Circuit to the world champion of motoring, Tazio Nuvolari, we approach with youthful enthusiasm, the rebirth of the ‘Mille Miglia’ along the beautiful streets of Mantua, already traveled by the legendary Targa Florio of 1904 and 1905’.

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