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‘Master Incolor’ cocktail shakers, 1935

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Reference: 1632 and 2783

Two examples of the ‘Master Incolor’ design of Bakelite cocktail shakers designed by Lawson Clarke for Wilson and Gill, in blue and orange and ivory, made in England in 1935. The body unscrews for filling, and the combination cap/ measure of 1 gill capacity, rotates the neck to reveal recipes for the perfect cocktail every time. A large strainer on the inside ensured perfect mixing, and the magical spout boasts a ‘spillage-free’ pour.

Height of each: 11 inches (28 cm).

Example in Blue Bakelite
Price Code: SOLD

Example in Orange & Ivory Bakelite
Price Code: SOLD

Bakelite was advertised as the Material of a Thousand Uses and was developed by the Belgian chemist and inventor Leo H. Baekeland, and patented in 1907. Initially developed for use in the electrical industry, the modernity of the material attracted designers and manufacturers and was adopted for use across most disciplines of the decorative arts.

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