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‘Map of the World’ Inkstand by Cartier

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 6192

An extraordinary and unique special-commission double inkstand in Sterling silver, the stand with an embossed map of the Americas and Europe, illustrating a round-trip journey taken by train and by sea, taking in locations from New York, down through Panama and along the West coast of South America through to Montevideo and then by sea to Cadiz in Spain. The journey continues through Europe to Cherbourg and then back to New York by sea.

Each of the bun feet of the stand is in the form of miniature life belts, and to each of the front corners, an applied silver dolphin, a symbol associated with prosperity and well-being. Evidently made as a commemorative presentation piece, the front of the stand is engraved for the recipients, presumably a married couple with the dates of their trip, January 4th 1930 to April 9th 1930. Marked CARTIER STERLING 925-1000. French, circa 1930.

Length: 11 inches (28 cm), depth: 8 inches (20 cm).

(Shown with Ref 6191, left).

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