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‘Malle Aero’ by Louis Vuitton, 1920

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An exceptionally rare ‘Malle Aero’ in orange Vuittonite canvas with leather and brass trim, with near mint-condition interior. French circa 1920.

Length: 32 x 18 x 13 inches (82 x 46 x 33 cms).

Additional Note: the ‘Malle Aero’ was designed by twin brothers Pierre and Jean Vuitton, (born 1890), in 1910. Designed to be light in weight, compact and versatile, the ‘Aero’ weighed only 57 lbs (26 kgs) when packed with a prescribed list of contents. The Vuitton twins were pioneer aviators and designed, amongst many other things, a primitive helicopter, the Vuitton III, shown (with the ‘Malle Aero’) at the fore-runner of the Paris Air Show at the Grand Palais in November 1910. Sadly, Jean Vuitton died only three days before the show opened, aged opened, aged only 20. His twin Pierre became a pilot in the Great War and was fatally wounded in September 1917.

Reference: ‘Louis Vuitton – the Birth of Modern Luxury’, Paul-Gerard Pasols, pp152-155.

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