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Lucite Dollar bills, & $100 cigarette case

Reference: 6505,6506

American Pop Art: an amusing Lucite paperweight or desk piece featuring ten stacks of uncirculated $1 Dollar bills, each stack with a bill band around it, containing (seemingly) $100 per band. The signatures of the Treasurer of the United States, namely Dorothy Andrews Kabis and Secretary of the Treasury, John A. Connally being present, would date the currency to 1971, the date this novelty piece was created. More often seen in stacks of just $500 dollars, it is debated among coin collectors and currency dealers whether the notes are real, or just the notes seen top and bottom of the stacks. It shall remain a mystery! American, circa 1971.

Height: 5 inches (13 cm)
Length: 7 inches (18 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

A highly unusual silver-plated, engraved and enameled cigarette case in the form of a $100 bill, the case bearing the image of Benjamin Franklin to the centre (series of 1928), and the facsimile signatures of W.O. Woods (Treasurer of the United States from 1927-1929) and A.W.Mellon (Secretary to the Treasury from 1921-1932). On the reverse is an ornate engraving of Independence Hall, and inside is the original elastic and an engine-turned finished interior.

Length of case: 7 inches (17 cm).

Price Code: £

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