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‘Lignum vitae’ carpet bowls

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 1276

A fine, double set of well-biased carpet bowls, comprising 16 lignum vitae bowling balls, with ivory dots denoting the four sets of four, and two jacks, all contained in a large hardwood bowl,
English, 19th Century.

Additional Notes: Lignum Vitae – The Wood of Life – is the heaviest and densest wood in the world. With a weight of over 80 lbs per cubic foot and a specific gravity of 1:3, it is heavier than water and is the only wood that does not float. Although difficult and therefore costly to work, lignum vitae turns well and polishes to a fine natural finish, providing it is of the finest quality. Lesser standard wood is usually polished black. The bowls offered here are of excellent quality and have a fine natural finish. Comprising a double set – 2 sets of 8 bowls plus 2 jacks – they are in superb, original condition.

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