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‘Le Championnat de la Mer, Monaco 1908’

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Reference: 2009

The waters off the coast of Monaco saw a remarkable series of motor boat races between 1908 and 1912. Many of the leading motorcar manufacturers of the period participated in the aquatic sport with ‘canots automobiles’ being powered by ‘marine-ised’, motorcar engines. The French marque of Panhard were especially successful, winning the 1908 event.

This magnificent bronze trophy, by the Italian monumental sculptor Mastroianni, was presented to the victorious team in 1908. A massive 74 cms (29 inches) wide, the cire perdu bronze depicts two ‘canots automobile’ cresting the waves surmounted by two sea goddesses rising from the water bearing the victor’s laurels. Mounted on its original granite plinth, signed and marked, this superb trophy from the dawn of motorboating is of museum quality and importance.

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