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‘Jumbo’ Doorstop

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Reference: 6791


An extremely decorative, Victorian cast iron doorstop in the form of Jumbo the Circus Elephant in profile, with a japanned and gilt finish, the elephant’s saddle and headdress is finely detailed, with the moulded swept base with JUMBO in raised letters. The doorstop has a diamond design registration mark to the rear.

Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
Width: 10 inches (26 cm)

Jumbo was a 13,000-pound African elephant born circa 1850, who has inspired writers, circus goers and illustrators around the world. Jumbo is considered one of the world’s most famous elephants, and in 1865 became a major attraction at London Zoo. Despite huge public protest in 1882, Jumbo was sold to P.T Barnum’s Circus and taken to America, where he tragically died in a train accident in 1885. The elephant who inspired the Disney movie ‘Dumbo’ was forever immortalized after the word ‘Jumbo’ entered the Oxford English Dictionary as a term used for something of a colossal size.

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