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‘Jerrican’ novelty fuel can lighter, 1950

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Reference: 6499

A very unusual ‘military chic’ novelty table lighter, known as the ‘Jerrican’, made to resemble a WW2 petrol can. This lighter features a heavy cast, silver-plated body with an unusual double wheel mechanism, with flint wheel unit that pulls out for re-flinting, and is filled via the screw off ‘gas cap’. Marked to the underside ‘JERRICAN, MARQUE ET MODELE DEPOSES, FRANCE’. French, circa 1950. Complete with a bespoke calfskin presentation case.

Height: 3 inches (9 cm)
Width: 3 inches (8 cm).

This model was originally designed by Clodion, an important French manufacturer of interesting mechanism lighters. ‘Jerrican’ models in a smaller 1 inch tall pocket size, also exist in Sterling silver and 18k gold, and are particularly sought after by lighter collectors.

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