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Imperial Russian ‘Trompe l’oeil’ cigar boxes

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Reference: 2190, 1692, 5270, 3146

Four outstanding examples of Imperial Russian silver and parcel-gilt trompe l’oeil cigar boxes, all engraved on the sides and the covers to imitate wood grain, with areas highlighted in lemon gilding, with engraved tobacco taxation bands’ (clockwise, from top left):

Imperial Russian parcel-gilt silver trompe-l’oeil cigar box, made in St Petersburg circa 1888, engraved on the sides and the cover to imitate woodgrain, tobacco tax bands with Imperial eagle and Cyrillic inscription “Imported Tobacco”, marked at the bottom and on the cover with 84 standard, assayer’s initials ‘AF’ and master’s initials of Michael Isakov (Postnikova-Losseva #1335). Weight 13.3 oz. (377 g).

Length: 5 inches (13 cm), height: 2½ inches (6 cm), depth: 3½ inches (9 cm).

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Sm. Khlebnikov (Postnikova-Loseva # 1436a) St. Petersburg: a beautiful quality, Imperial Russian silver and parcel- gilt trompe l’oeil cigar box, finely engraved to resemble a wooden box of H. Upmann Flor cigars, with Colorado Madure engraved to the front, the sides and lid with faux ‘paper’ taxation bands, the main sides of the box lifted with parcel-gilt, The interior, completely gilded. Bearing hallmarks for Khlebnikov Moscow 1867-1871.

Length: 4½ inches (11 cm), height: 3 inches (8 cm), depth: 3 inches (8 cm)

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A fine Imperial Russian silver and silver-gilt trompe l’oeil cigar box by I.L Profikier (dated between 1899-1908) skillfully engraved to simulate wood graining and faux taxation bands and branded for the Cuban brand of Por Larranaga cigars.

Length: 4½ inches (11 cm), height: 1¼ inches (3 cm), depth: 3 inches (8 cm)

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A late 19th century Russian Imperial silver and silver-gilt trompe-l’oeil table cigar box, maker’s marks B.O, 84 zolotniks Moscow 1893, assay master A Svetchin, the hinged box with trompe-l’oeil wood graining and Imperial tax bands, and with brand stamps for H.UPMANN FLOR REGALIA ELEGANTE.

Length: 4 inches (10 cm), height: 2 inches (5 cm), depth: 3 inches (8 cm)

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