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Hermès Jewel trunk and suitcases

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 6123, 6233

(Top) Hermès, Paris: a highly unusual miniature jewel trunk by Hermès, Paris with gilded clasps and buckles and ‘elephant ear’ looped handles, the sloping domed lid of the tan leather trunk which lifts to reveal a lift-out tray in ivory-coloured alcantara, fitted to accommodate various items of jewellery, the lower compartment with recessed pillows for watches or bracelets. Marked HERMÈS PARIS to the interior of the lid, with blind embossed insignia to the top. French, circa 1970s. Length: 13 inches (33 cm), height: 7 inches (18 cm), depth 8 inches (20 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

(Bottom) Hermès en Voyage: a pair of rare and highly unusual suitcases by Hermès, Paris, the larger of the two in a cream textured canvas, its partner in aged vellum, both with deeply-patinated leather corners, handles and edges with brass studs, locks and latches, all stamped HERMÈS PARIS. Both cases have the added interest of an abundance of luggage labels and stamps from the most affluent parts of the world including Monte Carlo, Cannes and Vichy via carriers such as Cunard. Each with plain, canvas lined interiors and original leather retaining straps on the inside.

The canvas case, size: 26 x 16 x 7½ inches (66 x 41 x 19 cm).
The vellum case, size: 23½ x 14½ x 7 inches (60 x 37 x 18 cm).

REFERENCE: 6233 (Priced for the pair).
Price Code: SOLD

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