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Dinky Toys display board, 1950s

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‘World Famous Racing Cars’

An extremely scarce shop window or counter display board for the complete Dinky Toys 200 series ‘gift set’ of racing cars. The board in red and yellow, with the six cars of the set applied staggered as if mid-race on a racetrack.

These display examples are slightly smaller than the series models available to purchase individually at the time, which included the ‘231 Maserati’, with a red body and racing number ‘9’, ‘230 Talbot-Lago’, in light blue with racing number ‘4’, ‘234 Ferrari’, in dark blue with racing number ‘5’, ‘232 Alfa-Romeo’, with a red body and racing number ‘8’, ‘239 Vanwall’, in dark green with racing number ’35’, and finally ‘233 Cooper-Bristol’, in green with racing number ‘6’. The display board has been framed with a deep limed-oak frame and glazed. English, circa 1950s.

Overall size: 13 x 21 x 3 inches (33 x 53 x 8 cm)

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