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Diesel ‘DB Blue’ pylon racer, c. 1950s

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DB (Deutsch-Bonnet): ‘DB Blue’ pylon racer. A diesel-engined miniature racing car, in mint condition, with heavy rubber tyres and bearing the DB logo to the hubcaps. With painted steering wheel and seat details, original Plexi windscreen, in the distinctive Deutsch-Bonnet Blue livery, bearing the number 2. French, circa mid-1950s.

Length overall: 18 inches (46 cms).

Additional Notes: This diesel engined racer (ergo no glow-plug), was capable of reaching outstanding speeds, up to a reported 140 kilometres (90 miles) per hour. The company of Deutsch Bonnet (1938-1961) were most known for their lightweight sports cars, and use of fibreglas bodied constructions and their collaboration with Panhard.

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