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Desk pieces by Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton, Paris: a very stylish lithographed metal paperweight modelled as a Monogramme courier trunk, modelled after the ‘Miss France’ trunk. This was a VIP gift , made for special clients of Vuitton, and not made for retail, much like the iconic ‘Malle Fleurs’ of the 1920s (see below). These paperweights bear all the fine details of the life-size trunks; from the straps and handles, latches, nails and buckles, and ‘Miss France’ ID marks to each end, and travel label to the top. Comes complete with its original Vuitton gift box with tag and strap. Of recent manufacture.

Length: 6 x 3 inches (15 x 8 cms).

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An exceptionally rare ‘Malle Fleurs’ (Flower Trunk), a miniature version of the classic courier trunk, covered in L. V. Monogramme fabric with leather handles and brass trim, the lock plate signed ‘LOUIS VUITTON’, the interior fully lined with chocolate brown silk velvet, completely refitted at the time as a jewel case with lift-out tray and velvet cushions. French circa 1920s,

Length overall: 11 inches (28 cms).

Additional Notes:
The ‘Malle Fleurs’ trunk was usually offered as a gift to woves or companions of Vuitton clients. Some contained a zinc liner and plants, and could be returned to Vuitton to be fitted as cigaretts boxes or jewellery boxes. They are contructed of papier maché and are therefore largely un-restorable if damaged – the survival rate of examples in good condition is consequently very low, explaining their rarity and high value today.

Price Code: SOLD
Reference: 5237


Louis Vuitton: a very stylish and unusual ‘snow globe’ by Louis Vuitton, of recent manufacture, the interior of the ‘globe’ featuring an open ‘Malle Armoire’ (wardrobe trunk) displaying its drawers and interior fittings, the ‘snow’ being the Louis Vuitton device taken from the famous Monogramme fabric, (Fleur de Lys etc), bearing the original italic script of Louis Vuitton to the base, the whole in its original fitted LV box with dustbag.

Height of globe: 5 inches (13 cms)

Price Code: SOLD
Reference: 4708

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