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DC-3/C-47 Dakota, by John Elwell

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John Elwell (English, born 1947)

A magnificent and completely unique, large-scale sculptural aluminium model of the Douglas DC-3/C-47 better known as the Dakota, in Elwell’s signature style of hand formed aluminium panels riveted over a space frame, with D-Day recognition markings, Plexiglas propellers, and ‘Shady Lady Too’ nose art. The model sits on a fully adjustable, hand-made pylon-style cantilevered stand with splayed feet, which allows the plane to bank left and right. Bearing a hand engraved plaque, DC3-C47 by John Elwell, 2019.

Wingspan: 57 inches (127 cm)
Length: 37 inches (94 cm)
Height (minimum): 60 inches (153 cm)

First flown in December 1935, more than 10,000 Dakotas – the Douglas DC-3 – were built over the following 10 years. Its ‘finest hour’ was during the D-Day landings in early June 1944 when the Dakota made an invaluable contribution to the success of the allied invasion and eventual liberation of Europe.

‘The C-47 groaned, it protested, it rattled, it leaked oil, it ran hot, it ran cold, it ran rough, it staggered along on hot days and scared you half to death, its wings flexed and twisted in a horrifying manner, it sank back to earth with a great sigh of relief – but it flew and it flew and it flew’.

A.G Leonard Morgan, USAAF

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