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Cocktail shakers and ‘Martini spike’

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 5600, 5601, 5497

(From left) a very stylish Art Deco silver plated cocktail shaker, designed by Keith Murray for Mappin & Webb, in Modernist style with a knurled cap serving as a double measure or jigger, with a removable strainer. Marked to the base MAPPIN AND WEBB, LONDON & SHEFFIELD, and bearing design numbers. English, circa 1930s.

Height: 9 inches (23 cms)

Price Code: SOLD

An unusual cocktail shaker in the style of the iconic Asprey ‘Tells-U-How’ with a silver-plated sleeve which can be rotated to display the gilded inner body with stamped recipes including ‘Brandy’, Pernod’, ‘Between’, ‘Dry Martini’ and ‘Palm Beauch’(sic). English, circa 1930s.

Height: 9½ inches (24 cms)

Price Code: SOLD

A Sterling silver ‘Martini Spike’ in the form of a syringe, designed to dispense just the right measure of vermouth. Marked GORHAM. American, circa 1930s.

Length: 7 inches (18 cms) long.

Price Code: SOLD

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