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Cocktail shaker by Carl M. Cohr Silver Co.

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Reference: 5747

The Carl M. Cohr Silver Company, Denmark

A very stylish, Art Deco Modernist form silver-plated cocktail shaker, with a facetted body and bayonet-style fitting cap with integral strainer, and cork-stopper finial with black Bakelite detailing. Marked on the base with a lozenge mark and the letters FDG DANMARK ALTA (the range). Danish, circa 1930s.

Height: 9½ inches (24 cm).

Notes: The Carl M. Cohr Silver company was founded by Ditlev Cohr in 1860 but it was Ditlev’s son, Carl, that made his mark upon the company in the early 20th century. Carl developed a Modernist look, and started the silver plated Atla line, of which this shaker is a prime example.

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