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Carl Zeiss Anti-Aircraft Binoculars, 1942

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Carl Zeiss, Germany

A pair of German anti-aircraft Kriegsmarine binoculars of 12 x 60 specification, with very high quality Carl Zeiss lenses.

Completely overhauled and highly polished, these portable binoculars have a hinged shade cover and flip-up eye shields with original rubbers and (for when not in use) a Bakelite lens cap positioned and fixed by way of a all-original leather strap.

The instrument is mounted on a later, lightweight tripod by Nikon. These binoculars clearly demonstrate why Carl Zeiss was known as the pre-eminent lens maker for the German military and Navy in WWII. German, circa 1942.

Height on tripod (extendable): 60 inches (153 cm).

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