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Bugatti Type 35B by Bruno Colombi

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A highly evocative model of a Bugatti Type 35B by Bruno Colombi, modelled on the very first Monaco Grand Prix event-winning car, registration number 6537-J4 driven to victory in 1929 by William Grover-Williams (famously lacking its side-mounted spare wheel, as in this model). Well-observed in metal, leather and wood, with louvered bonnet with leather straps, the body in aluminium with copper, patinated and painted accents, with intricate dashboard and cockpit instrumentation.

Length of plinth: 40 inches (100 cm).

Grand Prix racing was facing a dip in popularity in late 1928, and so the news that a new and exciting event was to be held in April of 1929 – racing through the streets of Monaco – had created a buzz amongst the racing community. Perhaps due to the extraordinary nature of this race, no ‘official’ works entries registered for the inaugural event. However ‘Williams’ must have had his entry blessed by Automobiles Bugatti as records show that the car was owned by them at the time, although for the event it had been painted British racing green, indicative of ‘William’s’ nationality.

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