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‘Brooklands Banking’ by Roy Nockolds, 1932

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‘Tim Birkin’s Blower Bentley on Brooklands Banking, 1932’.

Large original oil on canvas by Nockolds, signed and dated 1947, depicting the legendary Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin in the supercharged, single-seater ‘Blower’ Bentley taking the lap-record on the Member’s or ‘Home’ banking at Brooklands in March 1932.

Framed in a period gold leaf frame, and unglazed.

Dimensions: 25 x 39 inches (64 x 99 cm).

Birkin made his debut on the Weybridge track and, quoting the Manchester Guardian, “Of all his brilliant deeds, the lap record he set at Brooklands in March 1932 was undoubtedly the finest”. The racing baronet, only inches from the outer rim of the banking, achieved a remarkable average speed of no less than a staggering 137.96 per hour! Birkin, who died the following year, aged 36, is remembered as one of the most daring and sporting of ‘racing motorists’ in the Brooklands pantheon.

This exceptional oil painting by one of the undisputed ‘greats’ of automobile art, epitomises the drama and danger of Brooklands at its absolute zenith.

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