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‘Auto Spass’ by Berthold Richter, 1923

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Reference: 6933 (Set of 6)

Berthold Richter (Austrian, born 1881)

The artist and illustrator Berthold Richter created these six amusing watercolours and their rather idiosyncratic captions, in 1923. Amidst the familiar background scenery of Vienna, Richter depicts various adventures with a humorous automotive theme, all involving ladies and their lovers (or perhaps admirers). The watercolours are finely detailed and extremely accomplished in their execution. The automobiles are all recognisable German and Austrian marques, and include Steyr, Wanderer, Mercédès and Audi.

The captions to each artwork, translate to:

‘I know Herr Doctor, today we drive to the seedy part of town’

‘In the name of the Law! Block up your exhaust pipe!’

‘You’re joking! At 4am you expect to be charged the meter rate? You’d better take the tram!’

‘(Young lady) ‘You miserable coachman of a stink closet, you!’, (old lady) ‘Where the hell are your crooked eyes?!’

‘Driver – get into fourth gear quickly – he’s starting to change his mind!

‘Just a quick spin – there’s no harm in that, is there?’

We are aware of several poster designs by Richter, also created in the 1920s. We understand that this ‘Auto Spass’ series may have been illustrated in the leading German automobile magazine, MOTOR. Originally purchased from a private museum of 20th Century illustrations in Vienna in 1980, ‘Auto Spass‘ resided in a private American collection until their acquisition by this gallery. Mounted, framed and glazed.

Size of each: 20 x 26 inches (51 x 66 cm)

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