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Art Deco cocktail shakers by Tiffany

Reference: 1804, 6514, 2422

(Left): an impressive and large cocktail shaker with a silver-plated body, 3 pint capacity and a decorative pierced strainer in the form of a flower. American, circa 1930s. Signed Tiffany & Co to the base.

Height: 12¼ inches (30 cm)

Price Code: ££

(Centre): an extremely large Sterling silver Art Deco cocktail shaker by Tiffany of 4 pint capacity, with a tapered body and a swept shoulder to the top section, with a recessed strainer and a hollow cap, perfect for use as a measure. Stamped TIFFANY & CO, STERLING SILVER 925-1000 to the base. American, circa 1930s. Note: This is the only example of this size (in this design), that we have ever seen.

Height: 12½ inches (32 cm)

Price Code: SOLD

(Right): a superb silver plated cocktail shaker of heavy gauge and similar to the design of Ref 6514 to its left, this example of manageable 2 person (or 1½ pint) capacity. Signed Tiffany & Co. to the base. American, circa 1930s.

Height: 10 inches (26 cm)

Price Code: ££

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