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Art Deco cocktail jiggers, 1930s

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 6621, 6626

Essential tools for the modern bar: two practical and stylish cocktail measures or ‘jiggers’

(On left) a large silver-plated cocktail measure in ‘new-old-stock’ condition made by the American firm of Napier, known for their ‘Artillery Shell’ cocktail shakers, of which this is highly reminiscent. An added feature is a detachable, fully working music box in the base, which plays ‘How Dry I am’ when wound! With a gilded interior, the measure starts at a double, up to six measures. American, circa 1930.

Height: 6 inches (15 cm)

Price Code: SOLD

(On right) a lidded novelty jigger in the form of a miniature cocktail shaker, the tapered body with markings for 1½ oz, 2 oz and 3 oz. Also American, circa 1930s.

Height: 5 inches (12 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

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