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Art Deco Alfa-Romeo 6C enamel compact, 1929

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Reference: 6571

A most likely unique, 1929 Sterling silver novelty powder compact of truly exquisite quality, in the form of a stylized Alfa-Romeo 6C automobile, with drophead coupé coachwork. The lid of the compact is highly detailed and beautifully observed in multi-coloured enamel, and when opened with the push-button thumbpiece, the body of the car lifts to reveal a concealed mirror and gives access to the enamel wheels, which hinge open to uncover two compartments for rouge and powder, complete with original puffs. The rear fuel filler is in fact a threaded cap for a perfume or scent reservoir, and completely concealed is a flush push-up lipstick holder which is slid from the window cabin by means of a ridged detail to the reverse.

The back of the compact is detailed by utilizing a variety of engine-turned patterns, creating a feeling of movement to the wheels and the tyres. The deep edge to the compact is profusely decorated with banded, foliate cut decoration, which runs the entire circumference. Most likely made as a (costly) special commission in Italy, the compact bears 1929 London import marks to the interior, along with maker’s stamp of H.M.M and LA93 stamp, with date marks for 1929 and is set within a glazed calf, embossed Alfa-Romeo presentation case. One of the finest pieces of automobile ‘bijouterie’ we have seen – indisputably a masterpiece!

Length: 6 inches (15 cm)
Height: 3 inches (8 cm)
Depth: ½ inch (1½ cm)

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