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‘Ammunition’ board by Eley & Kynoch, 1910

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“Eley & Kynoch Ammunition”: a magnificent Eley & Kynoch Nobel Industries Ltd display board, the large variety of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition arranged around a central circle of wads, primers and cards, comprising over 130 pieces in a variety of bore sizes and calibres up to 4 bore, including evocative propriety names of the period such as ‘Gastight’, ‘Pegamoid’, ‘Grand Prix’, ‘Bonax’, ‘Primax’ etc, in original glazed oak frame with stencilled legend ‘ELEY & KYNOCH AMMUNITION, NOBEL INDUSTRIES LIMITED.’ English, c.1910.

Dimensions: 25 x 31 inches (64 x 78 cms).

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