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Alfa Romeo P2 tinplate toys

Price Code: SOLD

Reference: 5758,5757

C.I.J. (Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet).

(Top) A scarce large size tin-plate toy, of second edition, made by CIJ France, circa 1925, finished in green, with original key and box and numbered 2 in white, with Pneu Michelin treaded tyres.

Length overall: 22 inches (56 cms).

Price Code: SOLD

A very rare example of the ‘de luxe’ model of the Alfa Romeo P.2, in original dark metallic blue, complete with all filler caps, starting handle, handbrake, working steering etc, and with the additional features peculiar to the de luxe model including working headlamps which would be powered by a battery fitted beneath the car, red painted wheels and metallic paint finish, complete with original driver, and new box. French c. 1928.

Length overall : 22 inches (56 cms).

Price Code: SOLD

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