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Alfa-Romeo P2 Tinplate Toy by CIJ, c. 1932

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CIJ (Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet): a highly important and extremely rare example of the Alfa-Romeo P2 tinplate toy in bicolore, red and silver. French, circa 1932.

Length: 22 inches (55 cms).

Additional Notes:
Illustrated on pages 50 and 51 of Mestrot’s definitive work on the Alfa-Romeo P2 (as shown in the detail), the two-colour or bicolore versions of this toy are exceedingly rare and desirable. Three different colour combinations are recorded including this red and silver version.

The bicolore was introduced by CIJ, as an option on the 3rd and last series of the toy, produced from 1931-1935, in an attempt to revive flagging sales in the face of more up-to-date offerings from Italian makers such as Domo of Milan.

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