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Alfa-Romeo metal sign, 1937

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An extremely rare, large and highly desirable decorative metal Alfa-Romeo badge sign, most likely from a company garage or showroom. Originally this piece would have been wall mounted on a fixed bracket, but now is framed within a bespoke fluted ebonized hardwood frame, perfect for wall display within a motor house or den. Italian, circa 1937.

Diameter including frame: 39 inches (100 cm).

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili was established in 1910 and although not definitively known, it is believed that whilst searching for an emblem to adorn the first car A.L.F.A produced, a draughtsman for the firm suggested using symbolism related to the city of Milan, the birthplace of the company, as the basis for the design.Incorporating the blue snake design from the flag of the Duchy of Milan, as well as the red cross from the coat of arms of the city, they surrounded it with a blue field adding A.L.F.A and MILANO, creating one of the most enduring of automobile emblems.

After a reorganization of the company in 1920, Nicola Romeo added his own name to the badge also removing the acronym style of ALFA, and following a World Championship win in 1925, a laurel wreath symbol was incorporated into the design. Other variations followed over the years including a red-only version used for a short period after WWII when the machinery for manufacturing the badges was destroyed.

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