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Alfa-Romeo 158 Alfetta ashtray, 1950

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An extremely rare presentation ashtray from 1950, made to commemorate what was a highly successful year in Alfa-Romeo’s racing history. The wide, square tray with 5 rests, is mounted with a miniature model of the Alfa 158 Alfetta of Dottore Emilio Giuseppe ‘Nino’ Farina (1906-1966), the Formula 1 World Championship winner at Silverstone that year.

Alfa-Romeo achieved a staggering 11 victories in 11 races in 1950, with a racing team consisting of (in addition to Farina), Juan Manuel Fangio, Reg Parnell and Constalvo Sanesi. These ashtrays were made as a celebration of the year’s achievements and would have been presented as gifts.

This is only the second example that we have handled in recent years.

Size: 7 inches (18 cm) square
Height: 3 inches (8 cm)

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