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Alfa-Romeo 158 Alfetta ashtray, 1950

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Reference: 6934

An extremely attractive and rare presentation ashtray from 1950, made to commemorate what was a highly successful year in Alfa Romeo’s racing history. The wide, square tray with 5 rests, is mounted with a miniature model of the Alfa 158 Alfetta of ‘Nino’ Farina (1906-1966), the Formula 1 World Championship winner at Silverstone that year.

Alfa Romeo achieved a staggering 11 victories in 11 races in 1950, with a racing team consisting of (in addition to Farina), Juan Manuel Fangio, Reg Parnell and Constalvo Sanesi. This example, (unusually with yellow enamel text other than with black text as we have previously seen), was made as a celebration of the year’s achievements and would have been presented as a gift.

Size: 7 inches (18 cm) square
Height: 3 inches (8 cm)

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