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’60hp Mors’ by P. Moreau-Vauthier, 1904

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Gabriel sur Mors’ an important, historic Art Nouveau gilded bronze depicting Fernand Gabriel on the 60hp ‘Dauphin’ Mors, leading the illstarred Paris-Madrid race, May 1903, and defined by an allegorical dust cloud to the rear.

This rare bronze was created in 1904 by the esteemed French sculptor Paul Moreau-Vauthier (1871-1936) in the aftermath of a dust-scarred race that claimed hundred of fatalities and injuries, and that was halted by French authorities at Bordeaux. Henceforth, motor sport was banned in France until 1906, resuming exclusively on closed circuits. Moreau-Vauthier’s distinguished career terminated in a fatal road accident on the Paris-Bordeax route in 1936.

Length: 7½ inches (19 cms).

Provenance: James Barron Collection.

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