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'The Old Man' Russian Propoganda, c. 1940s

A Russian propaganda poster depicting an old man with a rifle, and cartoon scenes of soldiers, bearing the legend 'They can’t sleep, they can’t eat, they say that the Germans are getting tired.The Old Man is everywhere, and so are the Old Man’s people, There’s a detachment of them…wherever the Germans are.His tyre bursts on the road, the German climbs out…. And he is Kaput! The German’s hardly got a hiding place left…Partisans! There he is! And the Ogres scratch their heads, as they see the ferocious enemy:-- Is that just the one Old Man or are there many of them? How many men have they got? And in reply is carried on the burning wind….And in reply these words ring out:--There is only one Old Man, But in our country he has Millions of Grandchildren!' . Russian, c.1935-1945.

Dimensions: 53 x 71 cms (21 x 28 inches).

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