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'Bugatti', 1979

René Vincent (1879-1936): ‘Bugatti’.

A rare, second-edition factory poster printed from the original 1930 plates. Conservation linen mounted, framed and glazed with UV resistant Plexiglas.

Size overall: 57 x 40 inches (144 x 102 cms).

Held in 1979 at London’s Royal College of Art, ‘The Amazing Bugattis’ exhibition showcased the genius of the entire Bugatti family - furniture and silver by Carlo Bugatti, sculpture by Rembrandt Bugatti, and of course the automotive masterpieces of Ettore Bugatti, and his son Jean.

This Bugatti poster was originally commissioned by Ettore Bugatti in 1930 and was re-edited in a small, second edition for the 1979 show.

We have available just one perfect, framed example of this poster.

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